Movie Clip Madness

I have a movie clip.
It has 5 buttons in it.
They point to 5 scenes.

When you click on a button … No go. It will not go to the scene.

I am REALLY confused. Could there be a problem with my movie clip? Is it supposed to be this hard?

If you have time to look @ it, its here:


The only way I got it to work was this:

In the scene speed_1 create a new layer called Frame Labels or something. On the first frame, in the frame properties, set a label called speed1.

On the button (no 1) in the scene master use:

[COLOR=blue]on (press) {

instead of [COLOR=blue]on (release)[/COLOR].

This works I think because the buttons are vibrating and moving up and down with your cannon (which I found hilarious!) so the release doesn’t register.

Anyway, try it and if no joy post again.