Movie Clip Reset? (Reprise)

-This is from a post I put up yesterday, I got 14 views but nobody replied to it. I seriously would appreciate the help on this, and if you need, I can attatch a .fla of what I am talking about if you don’t understand what it is I am trying to do.

I am currently working on a website with a main stage/page where I can load external swfs, and on my main page I have set of text/movieclip/buttons next to each other (they serve as the main way to navigate the site) and it looks something like this:

mcbutton1 mcbutton2 mcbutton3 mcbutton4 mcbutton5

What I have done on the time line is enabled it so that each button glides upward each time you click on it, thus revealing the frame or “page” I have it set to goto. What I want to do though is have the button “reset” (go back to its original state (lined up with the others)) when the user clicks on another button. For instance, if the user clicks on mcbutton1 it will move up 10 space above the rest, and reveal the page. But when he or she clicks on, say mcbutton2, mcbutton2 will move up 10 spaces and mcbutton1 will simutaneously reset/glide back to its default position along with the rest of the “unclicked” buttons. If anyone can help I would be in debt to you.
-shogun8 (the shogunate) :pirate3:

try to learn the idea of moving an object w/AS:

you will just set different destination y’s for each button on release.

oooooh, didn’t think that was possible… but sweet. thanks a bunch!
-the shogun8