Movie clip rollovers

Using the very good instructions posted at:…dvroll.asp
to create a movie with actionscript rollovers.

I get the rollover and rollout to work, but here’s the thing…

I have several icons (images) that I’ve assigned the rollover and rollout actions to. I have assigned an area on the screen which displays certain text related to each icon when the icon is rolled over.

When the movie first starts there is intro text (intro text is part of the main movie and not part of the movie clip)in the area where the rollover text is to appear.

The problem is…when an icon is rolled over, the rollover text appears in the designated area, but I don’t know how to make the original intro text that is already assigned to that area disappear. This is not good since the text is on top of the original text that is there when the movie first starts.

I know how to make it work OK once the first icon is moused over (it’s all contained in the movie clip).
How can I make this original text go away once the first icon is moused over?

I appreciate your response.

It really depends upon how you set the project up.

Can you send me the FLA file at [email protected]

I should be able to solve your problem in a few minutes

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about how I might solve this problem?


I replied to your email. It apears to be an invalid file format for my machine. I assume that you’re using Flash MX which I dont’ use… you’ll have to save it as a Flash 5.0 and send it back to me.