Movie clip X,Y coordinates

I have a Fla file that contains a movieclip called MOVER. I want the movie clip called MOVER to move in X Y coordinates to a specific spot within the scene, when a button is clicked.

I need to know what action script to put behind the button to make MOVER move to a certain spot and then move back into postions. This is a transition effect from link to link.

I have a script being used that moves MOVER when the mouse button is clicked in general. That script contains an “easing movement code”. I need to take that code and put it behind a button that moves MOVER.
Also the button needs to move along with MOVER. Do I put the button within the movieclip or does it have to be on the main stage of the movie? Please help.

(im tryin to post the fla but this thing is acking up on me. i will post later though…but if anyone can follow what i have here so far please help.) thanx

…what is the point of this topic? the .fla that would have helped isn’t even here anymore… :pirate: