Movie Clips and TextFields?

Okay a brief description of what i want, what i have, and what i have tried.

I want to have the news section in my website to populated by an XML file that is no problem.

I have it working…kind of, I have 3 dynamic text boxes in a Movie Clip. The ActionScript replicates this movie clip using the “attachMovie” method…and works. But my third dynamic text field is set to “autoSize” so it will adjust to the size of the text loaded into it.

Here is my problem. The action script repeats the movie clip based on the size of the movie clip, if the first one is set to (0,0) and is 35px tall the next one will automatically be set to (0,35). Well since the third text field is set to “autoSize” is changes but the movie clip doesn’t adjust to fit so i have overlap.

Here is my solution. I have tried to place a movie clip as a background image and i have given it the instance name “txt_mask_mc”. I want to have the movie clip’s size be defined by the “_yscale” of the third dynamic text box that is set to “autoSize”.

This is what i have tried.

cmc.txt_mask_mc._yscale = desc_txt._height;

cmc.txt_mask_mc._yscale = desc_txt._yscale;

and that doesn’t work.

Also i need to have another movie clip that is set inside my movie clip that is set to scoll and define it by the total amount of items loaded. If there are 5 items loaded and they are all 10px tall it would resize it to 50px + 15px for some extra scroll space.

So this is what i am trying to do…i am sorry it is so long but i took two sleeping pills about ten minutes ago and they are all but working…I…am…so…:tired:…:snooze: