MOvie Controls in flash - tutorials - HELP DESPERATLY

I have a avi
which i want to make Controls on that like stop pause, rewind…etc…does anyone have tutorial on this or …a file from which i get guidence plz will be very help full…

PLZ, PLZ …i beg u guys…:beam:

try maybe. I am sort of knew to this flash thing, but just stick around probably some smart flash person will show you how right here :stuck_out_tongue: has heaps of tutorials though i would try there.

i had tried at flash kit but could`t find it…if any one has better option plz plz do tell me plz i need this…plz…

a humble request

I too am new to Kirupaville but I think I have something you may be interested in…Check out the program Camtasia Studio…Not only does it allow you to add controls to the avi…you can now export them as swf’s…Great program for recording video screenshots.

I guess i got the answer…
and its working fine…
if anyone wants to do the same
check the turorial in this link

BYE and thanks
every one