Movie dynamic Scruber how to?

Hi first post please be kind :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to use my little tree movie here to sway in the direction of the mouse.

I have found the idea that I want to be like a movie scruber like this

But I want the mouse to control it without haveing to click and drag anything.

Please help I am still very new with flash.

:frowning: please …

triple please , I am raming my head into the wall trying to learn this

This is all I want. An auto move to cursor postion in movie thing.

Please help, please.

Hey can you send me the movie I will see what I can do.

!!! :smiley: !!! Thank you !

it is a smaller version of the full tree if needed I will provide it. Weird the movie is smaller in size than the gif …

:frowning: anyone ?

Hey Tripdragon,

I tried playing with your files and well I could not get it to work:( But I am sure that some of the guys can help you out with this. It is just hard because I could not talk to the .mov from the button? I am sorry I keep working on and see what I can do.

I mean you could just make rollovers where you want to mov to go:)

Some like this :h:

Well… Is that what you wanted?

checking it now.

What I thought was it could just be frames as a flash movie instead of a quicktime movie.

Like the scrub bar flash file
If the scrub bar was attached to the mouse instead of needing to be click and held to move it, that would work. I was hopeing to get it like that so it would sway around smooth instead of choppy like a roll over.

Almost! Sweets! ^v^

It just suffers from the rollover image version, is there no way to make it smooth rollover like a delay ? So it like sways not just jerks to the cursor, also if you move your cursor uder it and to the outerside it will jump to that frame witch it very good! it just needs a thing like “oh you want me over there now, ok but let me sway first”

I tried the ease but it does nothing for this.

??? this will be the last so no one has to see it anymore :stuck_out_tongue: Just posting to see if I can reach you one more time