Movie Size Limit Question

Strange problem I seem to have here if I am correct in what is going on.
I am loading two different jpegs into one movie - at different times - one loads properly…complete jpeg without cutting off where the other does not…it cuts off. (both these images scroll once they are loaded)

I thought possibly it was a code error, but after testing the jpeg that loads properly in the place of the one that does not I see that this jpeg does load without cutting off any part of the image.

So my next thought is that is it a limitation problem, such as the width of the movie being loaded (the jpeg) is too large. After recalling a thread I have book marked:
I see that maximum document size is said to be 2880…I figured since the jpeg that was getting cut off was 4000 px wide (yes lg file I know) here was my problem.
Yet the jpeg that is loaded correctly in both instances is 3072 px wide…which is not too far off of 2880.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this. I obviously am going to find a way to cut some of the width of the second jpeg, but thought maybe there is an idea I am overlooking?

Thanks for taking the time to read this hope I explained it well…