Movieclip buttons that speak to each other

Could you please create a tutorial on how to have movieclip buttons that talk to each other? As in movieclips that animate and act as buttons.

Lets say you have:

Button 1
Button 2
Button 3
Button 4

Each button has an “in” animation and an “out” animation.

Lets say you click “Button 1”. It animates in and stays in its over state and also links to whatever target you want. Then lets go ahead a click on “Button 3”. Now, “Button 1” should go to its out animation and “Button 3” should animated to its over state. And i should be able to do this with what ever amount of buttons i want.

I know this is possible cuz i’ve seen it on countless flash site and have not been able to find a tutorial on it. Hopefully you understand what i’ve written. And hopefully you guys can come up with this tutorial. It would be the best tutorial ever created! :stare: