MovieClip control / hitTestPoint...I think

OK, so, I want to make a movieclip play forward and backward based on whether or not the hit Test Point returns true or false, right? Keep in mind, I’m extremely stupid, so I am not going to intuitively construct my AS 3 code correctly.

I used to use this:

on ClipEvent (enterFrame){

 if (this.hitTest (root.xmouse, root.ymouse, true)) {

     this.nextFrame ();


 this.prevFrame ();


But, of course, that was too easy. Now, with AS 3, they’ve deprecated all my code so I have to use event handlers, import classes, blah blah blah. The compiler is treating me like crap, complaining about everything I do…reminds me of my ex wife.

Anyway, it’s not working. Is there anyone who could tell me the simple code to use to test if the mouse is over my MovieClip and play clip forward and backward? I can’t imagine it’s so difficult, but I’ve been at this for 3 days to no avail. Remember, I’m not a programmer, just a stupid, unemployed carpenter, so please don’t assume I can
just put the rest of the code in…I’m sure I can’t. I’ve been trying to do that for many many hours.