movieClip.onLoad problem

hi guys

i dont know if you already heard of this problem but if i want to set the function

mymovie.onLoad = function(){trace(“LOADED”)}

nothing works
i dont know why
cause in flash mx everthing worked correctly
what could be the problem
i have already updated my version to 7.0.1

onLoad doesnt really work that way. What do you want to do?

i have created a movie clip with
then i want to create a textfield in the movie clip when it loads for i need onLOAD

when what loads? The empty movieclip? Empty movieclips dont load. They’re immediately created. If you want to add a textfield in the empty movieclip, just do so directly following the createemptymoviclip command

ohhh :slight_smile:

thank you
actually i am not a newbee but you know i never used it before

thank you again
i thought it was a bug

onLoad is an odd entity, especially just coming into Flash. It’s not as intuitive as one might think it should be in most situations :wink:

i have just did what you said
and it works perfectly :slight_smile:

woohoo! :slight_smile: