Movieclip Stop Playing!

ok, i’m trying to get a movieclip within a movieclip to stop playing when it reaches its last frame.

let me describe my problem:

it should start playing when the user rolls over the movieclip that is containing it(i’ll call this mc1, and the movieclip within it mc2). i’ve put a stop action in mc2’s last frame but it won’t stop and plays again and again. one thing i should point out is that there is a variable in mc1 that tells the movie whether it’s ok to play the movie in reverse when the user rolls over mc1, if this is false, that means that it plays normally(not in reverse). i’m using “play()” to play mc1 when the user rolls over it and this is where i think the problem is; even though the last frame of mc2 has a stop action, it is somehow told to play again?

anyways, this is just a guess, i haven’t figured out why or how to fix it. i’m not sure if my explanation was too hard to understand so i’ll try to clarify it if anyone wants me to. if anyone can give me a solution, it would be very much appreciated.

-i’ll try to upoad a fla asap