Movieclip transition

I need to make a sort of navigation between different movieclips. The movies should have mxtransition when they come in the view, and mxtransition when they go out. For example I have 2 buttons, first calls mc1, second mc2. Both mc has mxtransition in and out. If I push button 1 mc1 comes in with mxtransition. I want to tell somehow :m: to mc2 to come in, after mc1 finished mxtransition out. Actually it is 5 mc’s but if I figure out the moves between 2 I can do the rest.

Something like this:

btn1 btn2 btn3

click on btn1 mc1 mxtransition in mc1
click on btn2 or btn3 - mc1 mxtransitions out, and after that, mxtransitions in mc2 or mc3

I need some kind of continuity between movies / “pages”, here are some examples - click on menus to see what I ment:

Please excuse my bad english.