MovieClipLoader again

Hi 'vrybody! :slight_smile:
well… gotta question about the MCL thing…
I just want to show a progressbar loading and play a anim. So i paste the code from the Flash help website, and it does … nothing. It just display the pBar for 2 or 3 seconds and then the anim plays… of course, i’ve tested it only on the web, and i emptied all the IE / XP caches & temporary files before.
The anim is HUGE (12 Mo) so i really should be able to see the pBar fill in, and then play the anims… but no. it stays stuk to 0 for 2,3 seconds and then play the anim.

here is the code :


this.createEmptyMovieClip("mvt1_mc", 0);
// create both a MovieClipLoader object and a listener object
myLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
myListener = new Object();
// add the MovieClipLoader callbacks to your listener object
myListener.onLoadStart = function(clip) {
 // this event is triggered once, when the load starts
 pBar.label = "Now loading: " + clip;
myListener.onLoadProgress = function(clip, bytesLoaded, bytesTotal) {
 var percentLoaded = int (100*(bytesLoaded/bytesTotal));
 pBar.setProgress(bytesLoaded, bytesTotal);
myLoader.loadClip("mvt1.swf", mvt1_mc);

could you, please, give me a hint ?
I’ve named the instance of the progressBar pBar, and it is set to “manual” as it is said on the Flash help site…
thanks for people giving a hand! :thumb: