Moviecliploader cached skip

Hi, Im attempting to use moviecliploader to load my main site swf. Ive created a small preload animation etc, and it all works fine. The problem Im having is that I cant figure out how to get flash to skip the preload animation if the swf it is trying to load has already been cached by the users browser.

Ive tried nesting a ‘getProgress’ check in the onLoadStart, but total and loaded bytes just come back as 0 at that point in the loading process. Im really floundering as to where else I could check…

Is this just a silly way of going about things? I know if I built a preloader into the main movie instead I could get it to do what I want. Thing is Ive got a bunch of stuff exporting for AS in the 1st frame, and found creating the preloader as a seperate swf gave less lag-time at the 1st opening of the movie.

Anyhow, any help on this would be greatly appreciated.