MovieClipLoader event issue

Hi, I’m new to the forum… so Hello all.

I’m newish to OOP AS… trying to build a image loader that wipes between loads.

having trouble getting my onloadComplete event to call a method in the main body of the class. what am I missing?

class ScreenWipe
var screen:MovieClip;
var wipe:MovieClip;
var but:MovieClip;
var imageHolder:MovieClip;
var mcLoader:MovieClipLoader;
var oListener:Object;

function ScreenWipe (){
    myLoader("img1.jpg", screen);
function doSomething(){
    trace("called from onLoad Complete event");
function myLoader(url:String, target:MovieClip){
    //Listener Objects
    oListener = new Object();
    oListener.onLoadStart = function (target_mc:MovieClip){
        trace("Load Started");
    oListener.onLoadComplete = function (target_mc:MovieClip){
        trace("Load Complete");
    mcLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
    mcLoader.loadClip(url, target);


Thanks in advance…