MovieClips are randomly resizing when rotated

I have been working on a project in which several MovieClips are being resized, rotated, blurred, and changing in alpha each frame. The rotation/blur/alpha is random, and the width and height are being set by a variable.

Strangely, when I play movie, the width and the height are visually varying randomly. Inexplicibly when I trace the width and the height of the MovieClips, I am getting the expected value.
Initially, I thought this might have something to do with the stages perspective settings, but setting to export as Flash 9 didn’t help.
I am quite perplexed, any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated.

//the Mote class extends MovieClip
for (var j in motes)
    var m = motes[j];
    m.totalDA = 0;
    if (m.mass > 5)
        for (var i in m.layer)
            var ml = m.layer*;
            ml.da += Math.random()/m.ALPHACHANGEFACTOR;;
            ml.da -= Math.random()/m.ALPHACHANGEFACTOR;;
            m.totalDA += ml.da;
            ml.blur.blurX = 2 + Math.random() * 5;
            ml.blur.blurY = 2 + Math.random() * 5;
            var ta = new Array();
   = ta;
            ml.dr += Math.random()/m.ROTATIONCHANGEFACTOR;
            ml.dr -= Math.random()/m.ROTATIONCHANGEFACTOR;
   += ml.dr;
    m.totalDA = Math.abs(m.totalDA);
    for (i in m.layer)
       var ml = m.layer*; = ml.da/m.totalDA; = ml.da/m.totalDA;
   m.height = m.mass;
   m.width = m.mass;