Movieclips not appearing

I’m working on a platforming game, and all of my walls and characters and eveything else are movie clips, which are all in one frame at the moment. Well, after working on this game for a while, I’ve run into a problem: any new movie clips I add to my frame simply don’t appear when I test run my game. I added a trace(“hello”) to their load code and nothing happens, and their variables are returned as undefined, so it’s as if these movieclips just don’t exist when I run my game.

It could have to do with the way some of my movie clips are set up. My character movie clips are basically made up of movie clips within movie clips within movieclips within movieclips. The character movie clip has about 32 frames at the moment, and in each of these frames is an “animation” movie clip which i go to for each animation i want to play, which are made up of different arrangements of “body part” movieclips (head, torso, arms, legs). each body part has different frames for different people, and within some of these movie clips are more movieclips, which vary depending on what the person is wearing. And attached to the majority of all of these movie clips is some little chunk of actionscript, governing which frame to go to and how long to stay at that frame. I don’t know if this is perfectly fine, or if it’s a horrible way to use flash and is responsible for the problems I’m having… if anyone has any thoughts or comments as to why my movieclips won’t load, I would appreciate it. Thanks

EDIT: woops forgot to mention, I’m using CS3