Movies loading depending on what was clicked

OK - I have been trying to figure out the right way to put this to keep it clear… see if this works…

I have a movie with a left sidebar (many buttons) and a bottom sidebar(three buttons - movie, stats, opinion) and a main content frame(where the stuff pops in to).

The left sidebar opens with the page and then when you click a button in the left sidebar, the bottom ‘sidebar’ tweens up.

Here is the problem. I need to have a movie load in to the main content frame after clicking on the movie button in the bottom sidebar - but it has to load the video that the user wants (it depends on what button on the left side bar was clicked in order to open the bottom ‘sidebar’)

So basically - the left sidebar button’s are 1 and 2, the bottom ‘sidebar’ buttons are A, B and C. So if you click 1 and then A, you get the 1-A movie but if you click 2 then A, you get the 2-A movie.

Yes, it is confusing in my head too which is why I am lookin for some help!