Moving a movieclip set increments with buttons

Hi all

I’m using Adobe Flash CS3 / ActionScript 2 to develop a site, the relevant part of which can be seen at

The black boxes underneath the 2x4 grid of icons are placeholder graphics for left and right arrows which move the icons above to the left and right.

The left and right buttons work, after a fashion, but I’m having difficulty controlling the motion.

As each button is pressed, I want to reveal one more layer of icons, and have the scrolling stop when the end of the list is reached. At the moment, one can use the buttons to scroll the icons off the screen.

Secondly, if the left / right buttons are clicked in very quick succession, the icons above do not display correctly - they’re no longer centred in the mask above. Is it possible to have the buttons ‘ignore’ any clicks whilst the icons above are moving, thus ensuring that the icons always display correctly?

Finally, is it possible to have the left/right button disappear as appropriate when the left/right hand end of the menu is reached?

Here’s the code I’ve been using to control the motion:

setProperty(this, _x, cX-(difX/2));

Any help would be greatly appreciated.