Moving an object


I have a 15 frame animation that i am importing into a movie clip.

when it is imported, flash drops on the stage.

i want to select those frames and be able to move all those frames to a new location.

however, when i select all the frames, and then click and drag, it only moves one of the 15 frames.

is there something that i am missing?


now, thats how flash works. are you trying to center each frame?

oops, i mean no not now lol

I just figured it out myself.

you have to turn on onion skinning for those 15 frames and then you can select them all.

ohhhh i see what you mean, sorry i didn’t completely understand the q

Select all your frames, right-click on them, select cut/copy frames, go to where you want them pasted, right click on the first empty frame where you want them to appear, select paste frames.

That should do it!