Moving components from MX to MX04

When I open MM’s extension manager, all my components are still listed in Flash MX. How do I get them into MX2004? Can I just move them to a folder?

When u use extension manager u can select the application to which want to install the component. If u have both mx and mx2004 u can select mx2004 from the dropdown and then install the component.

You can download Flash MX Components for Flash MX 2004 (V1.5.0) from Macromedia’s Flash Exchange. Remaining components have been upgraded and are included in DRK5.

Thanks guys. Whats DRK5?

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**Thanks guys. Whats DRK5? **

DRK stands for Devnet Resource Kit, a subscription-based disc chock full o’ goodies that Macromedia issues once a quarter. In the first 4 DRKs, Macromedia issued several different component sets for Flash MX. But with the appearance of Actionscript 2.0 in Flash MX 2004, all of the components needed to be rehashed to work in the current environment. Macromedia has updated those components and included all of them in the lastest DRK.

It didn’t occur to me about the AS2 difference. That makes sense. Thanks. I’ll look into the Devnet thing, too.