Moving Map

Question on how 2 make the map move according to where your character is…
How do u do that… make him move and then the map moves with him… need some help on that… heres an idea i got from a tutorial…

this.track._visible = false;
this.crunchers._visible = false;
this.check0._visible = false;
this.check1._visible = false;
this.check2._visible = false;
this.check3._visible = false;
this.check4._visible = false;

and amke checkpoints… i not sure…

got that off this guys game but im not sure how he does the moving course thingy… woulda appreciate some help…

Something like this maybe?




well kinda… the one i had on the website was much better…

ANYone have coding tips…??

lioke putting th e movement code on the backround instead of on the charater as in the rpg tutorial unger game/ai programming