Moving masks in AE

hey guys,

i’m getting into AE some more, and I’m trying to work out some techniques for reusing content…

here’s my question: i created a mask that moves across the screen (drew the mask, then in the second keyframe under the Mask Shape modifier just shifted it across).
Now the manual says that you can copy the keyframes and paste them into a new layer (i.e a solid) for use later. Which works fine.
But when i go to paste it into a new layer, its pasting it too high (off the screen) and i can’t work out how to move it all down at once… i can move the mask on each individual keyframe but once i have complex animation that will be tedious and defeat the purpose of reusing stuff.

So what’s the trick? it almost feels to me like there should be a ‘select across multiple frames’ kind of thing like in flash where you can select objects throughout keyframes and shift them all at once. I know that works for normal objects because you can just select all the keyframes and adjust the Position modifier, but since masks don’t actually have a Position node…