Moving movie clips

Okay, I have a movie clip that I am planning on using about 6 times. The thing is it does not stay in one place…starts out in a new location everytime and then moves to a new location each time.
There is not really any consistancy to where it starts and finishes.
Is there something I can do to be able to control this?

There must be some code in it to make it move, a movie clip doesn’t really do anything until you tell it to !
Can you post an fla with the clip in it here so that we can all see what you mean


Okay I will post it, but I have been kinda sloppy with this fla and it is not labled the best…

The clip I am talking about is called district square, and I did have the clip called square (even though its a rectangle :wink: ) stroke for districts in with it, but I separated them so I could at least use that one as an mc. Right now you can see I am pretty much doing it all manually and it is taking forever.

Crap it is saying it is too big let me try and get the size down & I will post. thanks for the help