mp3 background tune

hi all,

just wondering whats the best way to have an MP3 constantly playing the background through my moive, can’t get the MP3 much under 5meg.

can I do it??
what’s the best way??


Put it into an external Flash movie, then load it once your main movie has loaded…

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**can’t get the MP3 much under 5meg. **

thats pretty rediculous for the web IMHO. If at all, it should probably be best played streaming.


Kit, yeah I thought of that but wouldn’t it take a year to load???

Sen, how would I set it to stream, any tutorials???




Flash Player 6.


mySound.loadSound(“url”, isStreaming)

url The location on a server of an MP3 sound file.

isStreaming A Boolean value that indicates whether the sound is a streaming or event sound.




Method; loads an MP3 file into an instance of the Sound object. You can use the isSteaming parameter to indicate whether the sound is an event or a streaming sound.

Event sounds are completely loaded before they play. They are managed by the ActionScript Sound object and respond to all methods and properties of this object.

Streaming sounds play while they are downloading. Playback begins when sufficient data has been received to start the decompressor. As with event sounds, streaming sounds exist only in virtual memory, they are not downloaded to the hard drive.


The following example loads an event sound:

s.loadSound( “http://serverpath:port/mp3filename”, false);
The following example loads a streaming sound:

loadSound( “http://serverpath:port/mp3filename”, true);

Hey victim,

5mb mp3 file will stream fine for broadband viewers, however, for diaup viewers you will want to lower your bit rate to 32kbs or lower.

hey sen…

read bout all that in the help section but still can’t seem to get it to work. only way I can seem to set streaming to a sound is to have it in the library and attach it to a button, which defeats the purpose because it’s then part of the movie.