mp3 file not playing

I have a flash file developed by an ex-colleague, to load and play a flash file, however after moving the website to OVH server, the mp3 stopped playing:

code for mp3:

this._lockroot = true;

var loopTune:Sound = new Sound();

// Default hide controls
btnSpeakerOff._visible = false;
btnSpeakerOn._visible = false;
mcEqualizer._visible = false;

loopTune.onLoad = function(success:Boolean) {
    if (success) {
        loopTune.start(0, 999);

        // Show controls
        btnSpeakerOff._visible = true;
        btnSpeakerOn._visible = true;
        mcEqualizer._visible = true;        

loopTune.loadSound("./music/hymn to the sea short.mp3", false);

btnSpeakerOff.onRelease = function ():Void {
    _root.btnSpeakerOn._visible = true;
    _root.btnSpeakerOff._visible = false;
    loopTune.start(0, 65535);

btnSpeakerOn.onRelease = function ():Void {
    _root.btnSpeakerOn._visible = false;
    _root.btnSpeakerOff._visible = true;

Any one can help me with this issue? I’ve tried changing the path to the mp3 using the full website path but returned an error that it failed to load the file