MP3 import problem

I keep getting MP3 files that when i got to import bring up a waring saying 'there was a problem with one or more of thoe following files" or some thing close to that.

Does anybody know what casues this to happen?

Is there a way the fiels where saved that causes falsh to be unable to read them?

I’ve encountered that many times before and I have no idea what causes it. The only work around I know is to open the file up in a sound editing program like goldwave or cool edit and then copy it to a new file and resave it as another file.

Ya i tried that with sound forge. I guess i’ll try another app.

I first thought the problem was that the files you were trying to import were encoded at over 160kbps. This was the problem I was having, but I’ve just managed to import 320kbps mp3’s, which I’m sure it’s not supposed to be able to do. Try checking it out, anyway…

Hope that helps.