mp3 in movie clip issue (HELP)

I have a cartoon I am working on. I have embedded sound for the voice in a movie clip (which is the head). This is placed over the static head at the time of speaking on the root timeline.

It has worked for a few clips. But I added a 135 frame movie clip (which is sound and mouth animation) for a major part, and it suddenly stopped working. The mouth parts move, but no sound.
It works for “testing scene” in movie clip, but not on the “root timeline”.

I have tried the following:

  • Redoing the clip
  • Taking out .mp3 and added .wav
  • Moved movie to start on 2nd keyframe

Nothing seems to work. Am I MISSING some bug, or some setting? I am sooo out of ideas. I intially tried to add the sound and mouth movements on the root. But for some reason they didn’t seem to snyc up visually (on the timeline) and once the movie is tested. In movie clip mode, its allot easier to match this all up.



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Is the sound set as a event or is it a set as a stream? If it is a stream and it is in a movie clip you will need to have the right length in frames. So if its 30 second audio, and you have 60fps then the frame number of the movie clip would end at 1800 frames (30 seconds into the movie).

try posting your fla im sure you will get help fast :sure: