MP3 Player, D3 tags, XML or PHP?

I have a MP3 player I built that works fine. But I would like to make it more dynamic for a client. I have it set up now so that Flash reads the XML for the title, url, and artist. I would like to have it so that a client can literally just put new songs into a designated folder, the ID# info will be read and displayed, and the song will play.

I have considered setting up the XML with 10 tags just preset with links to MP3 files names 1-10, and have the client just rename them 1-10 before putting them into the folder. But still I am yet to find a tutorial on how to have the XML actually read the ID3. Everything I have found is for the Flash to read it, or you have to enter it manually into the XML.

I have also found a few examples of using PHP instead of XML, but in these examples still, you have to enter the info manually. Any ideas? Basically i just want a dynamic MP3 player that will update whenever new music is added to the folder, and thats it. No PHP, Flash, or XML updating. Hope someone has some ideas. Thanks alot folks.