MP3 Player v3

I’ve pretty much finished the third version of my mp3 player. Now, before I let the members incinerate it, I’d like to make sure that it’s bugfree to prevent a bunch of members that keeps bothering me about it. So, if anyone of you wants to test it out, feel free to do so, and let me know if you find any glitches, bugs, improvements, … y’know.

Some of the key improvements …

[]Entirely written in AS 2.0
]Modular - Extensions can be written at will
[]Filesize no longer needs to be specified in the XML file
]Validation of interface elements and required settings
[]One Settings object manages all settings
]More structure and better use of functions
[]Any file in the correct XML format can be used (such as PHP/ASP/CFM/… outputs)
]General stability
[*]Overall structure
[/list] The player itself is a basic version with the controls, the song info and the progress and loaded bars, to ensure modularity. The example below is the basic player, plus two mods added: PlayTime and SongList.


The player use two main classes: and The last one is just a structure to store the song data in, is the one that does the real work.

You can see both here:

The modules are stored in the Mods folder. This is where and are stored. Feel free to have a look at any of the classes.

Here are some things I want to add … but which I’m too lazy to do atm:

[]VolumeSlider module (note to self: both horizontal and vertical !)
]Soundbuffers for each individual song
[]Loop mode
]Some more Settings gadgets
[*]Draggable positionbar (shivers)
[/list] Any suggestions, improvements, idea … all welcome :slight_smile: