mp3 playlist, from .xml

I’ve recently purchased this basic mp3-xml player -…ail.php?pid=004

I am trying to customize it a bit and add a feature.
I want to create a playlist that shows all songs in the .xml file in addition to the already visible, Album, Song Name and Song #.

– Here’s some of the .as that Displays the Song Details:
displayTrack = function () { track_title.text = rootNode.childNodes[track_num].attributes.tTitle; track_album.text = rootNode.childNodes[track_num].attributes.tAlbum; track_pos.text = (track_num+1)+" of "+totalNodes;};

– Here’s how songs are loaded.
audio.loadSound(mp3Path+rootNode.childNodes[track_num].attributes.tFile, true);

– Here’s the .xml for the songs:
<track id=“1” tFile=“VMD9397R/VMD9397R-S-96kbps-01.mp3” tTitle=“INVITACION FOUNTAIN” tArtist="" tAlbum=“If You Say Go” />
<track id=“2” tFile=“VMD9397R/VMD9397R-S-96kbps-02.mp3” tTitle=“CREATION” tArtist="" tAlbum=“If You Say Go” />

Q: Can anybody give me advice as to what I need to do to make a visible playlist that loads the song, once I click on it based on the .as and .xml above?