MP3 site, download new music!

Can’t find this posted around yet. I use this site to get a lot of my music now, as it’s convienent and easy, and best of all, free. I’m fairly certain it’s legal haha or it would be gone. the site is

What’s best is that I can go to download>indie rock and get lots of new music by bands ive never heard of or have heard of but not heard. I like you guys so I thought I would let you know. So far I’ve gotten maybe 20 or so songs here, all from new arists and such. Def a step forward towards being able to decide to buy a cd or not, esp. since went to cnet… did that ever give music away again, btw?

ok hope this helps people as it helps me!

edit: fixed link.

I’m going to keep on paying for mine…

I always thought independent music was usually available for free anyway? I could be wrong.

ugh I think I am not ebing clear on this.

the site features music by artists, many of which I have heard, many not. It’s like was. I download the majority of my music from the indie bands; doesn’t mean they aren’t signed and have music to buy. and I buy music also, but if I’ve never heard a band, it’s good to be able to branch out without losing an arm and a leg. Any more questions? here’s the basics:

free mp3’s (among other file formats, but I hate RA and WM :P)
music from popular artists
if you have the time (or fast connection) but want to get music for free legaly, this is one way. I jsut thought people would like to know about it, sorry that everyone is so set in their ways. I like it so there :stuck_out_tongue:

I decided to see if their music was decently priced just now. I checked three bands and compared them to their low price cd counterparts at Two were a couple dollars cheaper, one was the same.

just checked out the shipping options though. Amazon beats em hands down with free shipping for 25 dollar orders. Yah amazon was better. Okay, just so you know.

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