Multicolumn htmlText

Hi everybody!

Hope ypu can give some help on this…

I’m trying to split a dynamic text into 2 separate text fields, as htmlText, more like newspaper multicolumn pagination.

I’ve tried this but couldn’t made it work with htmlText, just simple text string.

Tried also this:

// TextField 1 - Left
    myText1.selectable = true;
    myText1.mouseWheelEnabled = false;
    myText1.htmlText = myLongText;
    // TextField 2 - Right
    myText2.selectable = true;
    myText2.mouseWheelEnabled = false;
    if(myText1.numLines > 18){
        myText2.htmlText = myLongText;
        // Init - Divide out text over the two text fields
        var Right:String = "";
        for (var j:int = myText1.htmlText.lastIndexOf( myText1.getLineText( myText1.bottomScrollV )); j < myText1.htmlText.length; j++){
             Right += myText1.htmlText.charAt(j);
        myText2.htmlText = Right;
    } else {
        myText2.htmlText = "";

but when I’m loading a large external text, just freezes all for a few seconds before loads the text (probably cause it breaks the rest of the text in the first field into each character and then rebuild it into the second text field).

Any help on this???