Multidimensinal array sortOn() no field names

My multidimensional array is created this way :

cards_array = new Array()
		cards_array[z] = new Array()
		cards_array[z][0] = cardsColor_array[k]
		cards_array[z][1] = i

so the cards_array.toString() looks like (after is mixed): h,10,h,5,h,9,t,7,h,6,r,2,c,7…
Now I need to sort a part of the array(is a slice of this big array not the whole) on first element, or on the second.
All of the sorting algoritms I find, help, livedocs etc… are with named elements.

My question is what is the “name” of cards_array*[0] element to use in a sorting algoritm…Im to lazy to write my own:) , and the array is used in too many parts refered this way to start to change all the code to named elements…