Multiple buttons, need to disable one per page

Hey guys, my first post here for the AS3. I thought I was pretty knowledagble with AS3 but this one is driving me up a wall.

I am trying to create a site with four buttons. Each button has a hover attribute through some nasty nasty code I found that tweens the two images (one hover image one normal image)

    b1_norm.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, b1_hover);
    function b1_hover(e:Event) {
        b1_normAlphaOut = new Tween(b1_norm, "alpha", Strong.easeOut, b1_norm.alpha, 0, 1.4, true );
        b1_norm.mouseEnabled = true;
        b1_norm.buttonMode = true;
        b1_hov.mouseEnabled = true;
        b1_hov.buttonMode = true;
        b1_hovAlphaIn = new Tween(b1_hov, "alpha", Strong.easeOut, b1_hov.alpha, 1, 1.4, true );
    b1_hov.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, b1_Unhover);
    function b1_Unhover(e:Event) {
        b1_normAlphaIn = new Tween(b1_norm, "alpha", Strong.easeOut, b1_norm.alpha, 1, 1.4, true );
        b1_norm.mouseEnabled = true;
        b1_norm.buttonMode = true;
        b1_hov.mouseEnabled = false;
        b1_hov.buttonMode = false;
        b1_hovAlphaOut = new Tween(b1_hov, "alpha", Strong.easeOut, b1_hov.alpha, 0, 1.4, true );

Then there is the function that actually sends the user to a different page. Which too is nasty. Created the event listener, when the button is clicked it will run the functions that remove the previous graphics, and then opens up the new graphics.

    b1_hov.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, b1_click);
    function b1_click(e:Event) {
        currentPage = 1;

I tried my hardest and I am just stumped. I only have two pages and they work well. Besides the fact you can click on b1 twice when on page 1. It will reload page 1. The question is, how can I possibly disable the button when on the same page. I tried creating a function to where if you are on the same page it will disable the button, worked great. Until you went on page 2 by clicking b2, and b1 was still disabled since that function was still active.

Its been drving me crazy, all i need to do, is disable the button while retaining its hover attributes.

Can anyone help me out, i need help ASAP.