Multiple external .swf files into one

Hy, i have a problem with inserting multiple external .swf files into one .swf. Its based on very simple .xml system. Otherwords I have index.swf which creates empty movieclips and pulls thru .xml file external .swf files, which pulls also thru .xml external pictures. All works nice, but only one .swf displays pictures correctly, others stay without pictures. It seems like lastly loaded external .swf stays active and shows pictures. It also displays in output:

Error opening URL ‘file:///…/undefined’

When I change configuration in xml so that 1 empty movieclip pulls .swf file and other ones display .jpg files, everything works. Any ideas?

Ok dear helpers, FREE nicelooking slideshow source with sample file with the problem above, so You can nicely understand what I mean. Any help or ideas what could be wrong are most welcome!