Multiple Hit Test Way to Condence?

Is there a way to condence this. The t stands for tree and i have alot of them to hit test and i do not want to write out all the hit tests like below. Is there a way so it will accept any number after the T.

Heres the short version.
if (this, hitTest(_root.World.T1) or (this, hitTest(_root.World.T2))) {


yes there is, and its called an array. First you need to store all your instance names into an array and then apply the hitTest on the array through a loop. Ill try to outline the code for ya:
tree_amount = 25;
trees = [];
trees* = _root.World[“T”+i]; //not sure if this is right,basically target your trees.
Then on the enterframe part:
trace(“tree was hit”);
Remember this is just an outline of how I would code it, I hope you understand it.

why I feel so dumb thanks bobdoe