Multiple individual values in field [SQL]

I’m just wondering, is there a good way to do this:

I’ve built a picture gallery using PHP,SQL and Flex, ( it all works, so don’t worry about that. )
The gallery allows the user to upload their own pictures and enter a selection of information about who is in each picture, which the user can later browse based on who is tagged as being in each image.
This all works,
However, if the user enters multiple people, the full list of names shows up as a single entry in the browse list. I’d rather that it grabbed each individual name from the names entered and added the image under those respective categories.
( I hope I’m articulating this well enough )
So more or less, I need to find a way to enter multiple, but separate entries into a mySQL table. Is an array the best way to do this?
I hope I’ve explained this well enough.