Multiple instances of class

Before I lose any more sleep over this, maybe someone has had a similar problem and can help me out…

I am making an AS 2.0 Class for polygons called “Shapes2”. Shape2 is basically an array of Vectors (another Class I made) and is built using the function addPoint(x1,y1) to build the shape from a series of points. The points are then converted to vector-edges, etc etc.

Here’s the long and complicated construction:

var pent:Shape2 = new Shape2();
var rect:Shape2 = new Shape2();

if I comment out either instance, the other is functional when I test it. Trying to do two instances makes rect and pent point to the same array of vectors, but they keep other variables and properties separate, which means rect isn’t just pointing directly to pent or visa versa.

Any obvious reason that one instance might inherit some properties of another? Thanks for the help!