Multiple onEnterFrame Problems

I’ve had some trouble when calling multiple functions that use onEnterFrame. Each function works individually, but when one is called while another is already running, the most current one takes precedence.

Most things I do work fine, but an example is a recent site that I completed. If you go to (my hosting is slow), the preloader and the sound both use onEnterFrame functions. If you click stop while the preloader is loading a page, the sound player lowers the volume but ends up canceling the progress of the preloader display. I have the loading of consecutive pages is based upon the success of the original loading, so the rest of the pages end up not loading.

I’m trying to script all of the animation for a new site and the functions that use onEnterFrame don’t work on top of each other. I am conscientious about deleting onEnterFrame functions and always test to make sure every function is efficient on the processor and cancels when completed.

I can send code if necessary, but think this can probably be solved with some simple explanation. Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ian