Multiple Photo galleries in 1 swf

k, so this problem arises from trying to use whats in this tutorial
multiple times as different scenes in a swf. I set up a main scene to pick which photo gallery to go to, then from there it plays a little outro animation into the scene which then worked just fine like the tutorial file, until I added another scene, exactly the same, only it links to different pictures and a different directory, I changed that and thought it would work, but then neither would.

so, I assumed that stuff in the code of each scene must need to be independent of each other (it can’t tell one thing to refer to something else in the code if the something else is listed twice in the swf). so I went thru and renamed every possible thing I could and I started to get somewhere, but I’m now stuck. I’ve gotten it to the point where it will load up the first image from each set, but the next photo and previous photo buttons don’t work. I’m a definite newbie at code, but I did get this far on my own, so now I’m turning to you guys for help. thanks!

viewable swf, and downloadable fla (flash 8)