Multiple print options

Hi there

Hoping someone can offer some advice.

I have a flash movie I have created that is an online brochure.
There is a toolbar at the top where the user can print pages from the brochure.
There are two printing options: ‘print all pages’ and ‘print this page only’
The way I am setting it up is working, but is going to take a LONG time and I’m sure there is a better way. This is what I’m doing.

On each frame the ‘print all’ button will print a movie clip containing each page on a separate frames with a frame label of #p for each page to be printed.
But for the ‘print this page button’ (this is the long winded part), I have started creating loads of movie clips for every page, ie ‘page1_mc’, page2_mc’ and so on, so that just the page that the user is on will be printed, so for example, if the user is on page 10, the ‘print this page’ button would point to ‘page10_mc’
Trouble is, there are 100’s of pages and this would take ages.

Ideally I would want one movie clip containing all of the pages with the ‘print this page’ button knowing which frame of the movie clip to print.

I don’t know if that is possible? Any advice?