Multiple .swf files in a web page - controlling each other?

Okay, I recently had a HD crash and lost a huge flash based site… all I have are the swf files online, and the client wants some updates/changes. So I have to start from scratch! grrr.

BUT! Looking at the silver lining of the dark cloud; there were many issues with the website that needed fixing anyway, and I am looking at different approaches now, to fix this.

One approach is to separate the website into 2 or maybe 3 flash files positioned via HTML, instead of all as one big flash movie. There are two reasons for this; first it will allow the two separate swf files to load independently and hopefully speed up access to the main content, the video.

Second, there is a video gallery. These are .flv video files I am currently streaming from a server, but soon hope to be hosting via a flash media server or somesuch, to increase the quality and speed of play. But all that aside, as it stands now, I cannot get the video to jump to full screen mode, when it is embedded into the stage of another flash file. I think it is possible, but after 6 months of searching for a method and begging for help on forums like this, with several hopeful answers but no real solution, I have decided that making the video gallery into a separate swf on the same html page is the easiest solution.

The problem is that there are times I need the main site (the OTHER swf file) to control the video playback; either to switch the video, or to pause it or resume it (such as whenever an external link is clicked, that link s loaded into anoher browser window or frame, I want the video to pause behind it until the viewer returns and starts playback again).

I am also thinking the actual video gallery needs to be a third swf (or built into the main swf), so that when the video is put on full screen mode, you don’t have the ‘filmstrip’ of other videos to scroll through hogging up a portion of the full screen real estate. So this would be another reason I need to control a separate swf on the same html page.

I just don’t know how to control one swf from another separate swf on the same html page. Is it even possible?