Multiple SWF load problem


I’ve got a wierd one here. Basically I’m loading a bunch of SWFs at the same time. I’m using a custom class to do the loading. Most of the time they all load OK, however occasionally one or two will be unloaded (I can see that in the console) before we get to the Event.COMPLETE. The ProgressEvents are all fine - I can see them loading, but then boom - they’re unloaded.

I’ve done a bit of digging around and discovered that this may be a bug in the Loader class where if you are using multiple instances of the class then sometimes one or more will be Garbage Collected before they finish loading and are therefore unloaded.

I’ve tried keeping a reference to the loader and the classes holding the loaders and I’m still having the problem. The solution is to queue the loads and load each swf in order which isn’t a problem, just a bit irritating.

Has anyone else come across this, or do you disagree with my diagnosis? Just looking for a bit of a brain check here!