Multiple SWFs in single HTML page

Looking for thoughts and ideas on establishing communication between isolated SWFs residing in a single HTML page.

Need to place multiple SWFs in a single HTML page and was wondering if there was some way to send commands from one of the movies to the other wihtout reloading the page. (would prefer not to reload the page and all the components and have the page “blink” - go blank before loading new and cached data)

Unfortunately cannot build this as a single flash object with multiple MCs… must be multiple SWFs.

Have an idea or two on how to set this up with HTML framesets and loading subpages ( a cheat certainly and far less than elegant) but would prefer not to deal with the heartache that would entail - especially since areas of the page would still “blink” on loading.

Many thanks in advance.

well, I would use javascript inside your frameset, then use getURL to execute your function.

yeah…that should work…frames are scary though…lol