Multiply values from an XML document

Oh man people. I’m stuck and have been pulling my hair out for hours. PLEASE HELP!!!

I have set up an XML document and and array inside flash to read the values into. No problems so far… The array looks like this:[0];

When i get the value of[0] , i get a number… in this case its 150. no problems here. but when i try to multiply that number by 5 ([0]*5) I get an NaN… So i tried Number([0]) but nothing… along with just about every combination of using int() or NUmber() that i could.

go to [COLOR=#333333][/COLOR] , click through the dairy button, and you’ll see the tests that i am running to figure this out… it’s really frustrating.

I’m initializing my arrays like this: = new Array(totalslides);

setting my array up with this:* = counter.firstChild.nextSibling.nextSibling.nextSib ling;

and testing with these:
extra =[0];
extraA = Number([0]);
extraB =[0]*5;
extraC = Number([0])*5;
extraD = Number([0]*5);
but only first one returns a value of 150…

I have no idea what i’m doing wrong… please help!