MultiPreloader problem


I have index.swf (with preloader). On that SWF, there are two buttons.
Clicking the first loads external SWF, second button loads another SWF
on MC called mainMovie.

These two external SWF’s loads another external SWF (which loads pictures).

I hope you are with me so far.

I need ONE preloader to load every external SWF in ONE “preloader bar” and on click
to show without waiting.


first SWF = 12 KB
second SWF = 8 KB
third SWF = 7 KB

I need preloader to calculate how much bytes (or kbytes) has all SWF’s
together (in my case it’s 27 KB), and first to preload every SWF and
then to show entire site ready for use without waiting.


When you script a preloader, you usually instruct it to get the bytes loaded and total bytes for the _root timeline. To do what you are asking, you’ll have to fiddle around with talking to the levels in your movie and getting the bytes info from the swfs in each level.

That is, something like:
//get bytes loaded for the main timeline
rootLoadedBytes = _root.getBytesLoaded();
//get bytes loaded for the swfs you are loding into level 1 and 2
loadedBytes1 = _root._level1.getBytesLoaded();
loadedBytes2 = _root._level2.getBytesLoaded();
//add the numebrs together and assign the value to a text box so that it can be displayed
loadedText = rootLoadedBytes + loadedBytes1 + loaded Bytes2;

You can see from teh variables created that it’s easy enough to create text fields displaying the loaded values for each of hte swfs.

I haven’t tried this, but it should work.