Music Banner

Ive been working on this for some time and cant seem to figure it out. I srtumbled across this site and decided id try it out.

I was trying to make a banner and when you move the mouse over the banner music plays then if you move it off again the music stops. Idk if this is an easy thing or not but ive honestly put over 4+ hours into jus trying to figure out how to work the script. I got as far as making the banner and the music play constintly but i cant get the mouse thing to work.

I’m really bad at actionscript, but wouldnt something like this work? Dont know tho…

on (rollOver) {
on (rollOut) {

Welcome to the forums!! :thumb:

Best site (IMO) for getting music to work in Flash. Maybe that’s not what you are going for but combine that with what fatnslow said, though the code might change a bit (his/hers works if the banner is a button but will change slightly if the banner is a movieclip for example).


Yeah I had the banner as a movie clip. Thanks for the welcome. I’m sure you will see more posts from me in the future.


Did you get your problem worked out?

Nah. It still isnt workin for me but I appreciate the help. I’m still pretty new to this program so hopefully in the future I will be able to do it. Bummer.