Music bar

yo, ive been looking all over for a music bar like this . Ive tried to get ahold of the owner of the site, but i never got a reply back. So i was wondering if someoene could help me with this. I want a music bar that works like that. That has a skip and reverse button. and a volume control bar. This is exactly wut im looking for, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated…

It quite easy. If there isn’t a tut on the volume control here [I think there is] then try Flash Kit but the rest of the stuff, Play, rewind and fast forward can be found here at Kirupa. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the Tut section, you could always search this section [MX]. I know it has been discussed a few times now.

Happy Tokin :wink:

hmmm, ive tried looking for it, but could never find wut i was looking for, ehh ill try again… thx

In the words of Jubba:

“Search the forum first”

ok, i like ur bar, but not the xml ****, is it possible not to have that? just upload my mp3s to the fla and have them loaded within the movie? thx for your help so far!

emm…ya thx, but im a lazy *****, so i was just wondering if anyone had one laying around to let me use, so i can like change teh buttons to fit my website, but if not, eh i guess i gotta make one…thx

Uhm… not from me. I don’t give anyone anything. Make your own stuff. Its the only way to learn. You’re too lazy to read? I’m too lazy to help you. Sorry man.

You can load the mp3’s in flash without the XML, but the XML isn’t that hard. Open it in notepad, change the name of the song, artist, and album, then just say where the song is located save it and upload and ur done.